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devtrends helpdesk v2002

A simple HelpDesk web application and client application that enables you to keep track of your IT tickets. The simple HelpDesk v2002 application was written in 2002 and will likely reflect that with the “extensive” features. Originally written in ASP and Visual Basic 6, I have ported the client application to Visual Basic.NET 2008, which requires a .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.5 to be installed.

Server Configuration:

To configure the server web application, follow the instructions below:

  1. Place all of the files in a directory within inetpub, such as C:\inetpub\helpdesk_v2002\
  2. Ensure that permissions are appropriate. The IIS service will require write permissions to helpdesk.mdb.
  3. Open helpdesk.mdb and configure the subjects in the subjects table.
  4. Open helpdesk.mdb and configure the users in the users table.

Client Configuration:

The client application requires the helpdesk.xml file to be placed in the same location as
the helpdesk.exe.

  1. Open the helpdesk.xml and modify the URL attribute to reflect the URL of your web server
    that is hosting the server ASP files. Be sure to include the ending /.
  2. Deploy helpdesk.exe and helpdesk.xml to your users.
Download HelpDesk v2002

Disclaimer: there are no warranties or guarantees for the software downloaded from my web site.

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