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    Hello Sir..

    After read your article above and “Centralize My Documents”, I have question before I follow to implement your method in my environment.. :)

    I think we may define two kind of storages:
    + Centralized Storage means Shared Folder Server available on LAN.
    + Decentralized Storage means Local Disk available on each clients (PC, notebook, or netbook).

    Then clients will probably face at least two conditions:
    + Connected (online) to Shared Folder Server.
    + Not Connected (offline) to Shared Folder Server.

    After migration into Centralized My Documents, how to access “My Documents” while Clients are offline? If it’s possible, please explain how to sychronize between “Centralized Storage” and “Decentralized Storage” while clients get back online, I’m just thinking that it will be like “briefcase” method but in automatic mode.

    Thanks for your valuable time and your concern is much appreciated.

    March 1, 2012

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