My name is Aaron and devtrends.com is my blog where I share my victories in the Information Technology (IT) world. I am not your typical systems engineer where “geek first” is the motto. I only believe in solutions that work for a business purpose; IT is a support department that, if applied properly, can provide solutions that simplify operations and reduce overall costs.

However, in any professional environment, there is always room for dreaming. All great IT products have sprouted from some idea that was realized into a business worthy product. As we dream, the key is to maintain functionality, purpose, focus and organization, for without these key factors, dreams become distractions and distractions do not help reduce expenses, grow audience or increase revenue.

devtrends.com is a blog where I share my experiences in developing new trends.

:: Aaron
Cisco CCNA, Microsoft MCP, SonicWALL CSSA, Linux+, Network+, A+, Asterisk dCAP, Apple ACSP 10.6